Water worlds of Solar System

About 71% of our planet is covered in water, so our planet is sometimes called a water world.

Unfortunately, only one planet in our solar system can boast so much liquid water. Nevertheless, let’s fantasize and imagine that Earth is not the only planet covered with water.


Mean radius: 2,440 km (1516 miles) / 0.3829 Earths
Length of the equator: 15,329 km (9,525 miles)

Surface area: 7.48×107 km2 (2.89×107 mi2) / 0.147 Earths
Mass: 3.3011×1023 kg / 0.055 Earths

This topographical map created by PythonMaps using Python libraries: raster, NumPy, and matplotlib show the first planet from the sun, with the ocean covering ~71% of the surface, like Earth. Data comes from NASA observations.

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