The price of gym membership in 52 countries, mapped

he fitness sector is getting back in shape — but it’s a different kind of shape.

Gym workouts have been off the cards since the pandemic hit, but that’s due to change as vaccination roll-out hits its stride. In the United Kingdom, membership of The Gym Group rose by 33 percent, from 547 thousand to 729 thousand in the first months of 2021. And consulting company McKinsey prognosticates a 5–10% yearly increase in the wellness business just because we have become more conscious of the delicacy of our well-being. But the new fitness fashion is very much formed by our lockdown practices. Gym 2.0 will be a mixture model of on-site training and ‘workout-from-home’ — and clients are expected to be more conscious of the cost of fitness.

As people think about which gym membership to decide, SavingSpot found the average monthly membership price for nations worldwide and every U.S. state.

To do this, the SavingSpot team observed gym chains in every nation through Google searches, including Google Maps, and used official websites to identify the lowest regular adult monthly membership fee (or equivalent price from 3, 6, or 12-month memberships) for every chain. These prices were converted to $U.S. and used to determine each country’s average monthly membership cost.

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