The most popular children’s book from every country mapped

A children’s book is a world in itself — and a country’s literature is a whole universe. What an adventure it would be to dip a toe in each of the 196 literary universes that neighbor your own!

Sadly, young readers who venture boldly into exotic literature are treading in largely uncharted territory. Despite the multiverse of words and ideas, only 2–4% of books published in English are translations. How can you learn about other cultures if your own culture mostly celebrates itself?

The ToyZone team mapped the highest-rated children’s book from a local writer in every country.

The team compiled a list of children’s writers from every country using Wikipedia and pulled data on every single one of their books from Goodreads, including rating, number of ratings, and number of reviews.

For each country, TheToyZone defined the most popular as the highest-rated among the 20 books with the most user ratings for that one country.

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