The Cheapest Five-Star Hotel in Every County Mapped

There are few pleasures quite as exquisite as a visit to a 5-star hotel. Add “getting a bargain” into the experience, and you may as well add an extra star.

Sadly, the terms “five-star” and “good bargain” infrequently appear unitedly. To qualify for the top rating, a hotel’s team must welcome every visitor individually (with gifts or flowers in Europe) to claim the highest rating.

The service should be luxurious. The amenities should meet every demand. It costs a lot of money.

Attach the ‘exclusivity premium’ — the idea that charging more for a room makes it seem more luxurious — and a plain old night at a Holiday Inn starts to seem more feasible. Until now!

Top Dollar has identified the cheapest five-star hotel in every country. And they start at less than thirty bucks for a room for two.

Top Dollar searched for five-star hotels in every country on for a one-night stay for two in July 2021 and found the ten cheapest accommodations for each country. Sale prices were ignored, and any countries that had fewer than five five-star hotels available were removed. The team separated equally priced hotels in the top 10 by favoring the bigger room in terms of square footage.

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Maps that explain the world

Maps that explain the world