Study reveals how much it costs to get a haircut around the world

Everyone in the world faced the same tricky question during endless months of coronavirus lockdown: grow your hair or let your mom cut it?

But now, hairdressers are re-opening, and so are bars, theatres, and wedding venues. The Salon de Mom literally won’t cut it anymore. It’s time to get a proper haircut.

The problem is that money is tight right now for most of us. And a proper haircut tends to be a payday treat. Can you afford to give a little dignity back to your ‘Barnet’?

It depends where you live. NetCredit researched the price of women’s and men’s haircuts in every country worldwide and found that the disparity between countries and genders is massive. This new study reveals the cost of a haircut in every country around the world.

The cost of men’s haircuts in the world differs significantly. If you live in Norway, you’ll be coughing up as much as $64.50 to the barber. In distinction, a haircut in Zambia will cost an average of only $1.65.

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Maps that explain the world

Maps that explain the world