• Dawid Ferenczy

    Dawid Ferenczy

    Web applications developer interested in development, code management, testing and deployment process. Both professional and hobby programmer. IT enthusiast.

  • Roman Pototski

    Roman Pototski

    Having work experience in both finance and media production, I like to combine the two to create new content and share my thoughts with the rest on these topics

  • Sarwar Penjweni

    Sarwar Penjweni

    A Researcher in the field of Religious - Islamic - Qur'anic Studies

  • Fidato


    A student of history.

  • Hammad Shahid Gill

    Hammad Shahid Gill

    A Student Of Medicine, History, Military Conflicts And An Avid Reader.

  • P Richelle White

    P Richelle White

    Multiplatform storyteller. Investigative journalist. Non-fiction editor. Interest areas: public policy, education, behavioral science, Autism, pet health, haiku

  • Arnaud Wéry

    Arnaud Wéry

    Journaliste à@lavenir.net (penchant pour #datajournalisme / #dataviz: http://arnaudwery.wordpress.com), assistant webjournalisme #ULB

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