A Detailed Map of the Online World

Since its inception in 1989, the internet has been in a phase of endless flux as millions of various sites emerged and then fell by the wayside. Many monstrous corporate players have arisen from this first chaos over the decades and have since become dominant in their niches. This trend has been notably visible in the last decade. As Google, Youtube, Amazon, and Facebook have swallowed most of their former contestant on a global scale. Frequently, this has started rising blame for monopolistic behavior, censorship, and misuse of user data.

Many nations still have many flourishing national websites and social networks (Russia, China, Japan, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Iran).

Inspired by the design of historical maps and by the “Map of Online Communities” by Randall Munroe, Mapmaker from Slovakia Martin Vargic created the world map of the most popular websites throughout 2020–2021.

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