Many of the world’s cities will face sharply different climates by 2050. I tried to visualize how climate change will affect world cities. I chose 6,000 cities and examined the current climate of every town using the Global Environmental Stratification based on modeling future climate conditions as predicted by 63 of the emission scenario combinations.

The Global Environmental Stratification is a globally consistent classification of land into comparatively homogenous units, based upon a statistical clustering of climate variables (Metzger et al., 2013). It was realized in support of the Biodiversity Observation Network to provide a framework for analyzing ecological and environmental data over large heterogeneous areas.

Based on high-resolution geospatial monthly climate datasets averaged from 1960 to 2000, the Global Environmental Stratification describes current conditions to stratify the earth into 125 strata, aggregated into 18 zones.


Every U.S. state has exotic or wild animals laws defining if a species is allowed, forbidden, or needs specific permission. You can have a pet crocodile, python, or emu in some states, while others have banned pet rabbits or hamsters. Some U.S. states are more permissive than others. Find out what your state’s wild or exotic animal laws are, and before you take an animal to your home, examine with your local jurisdiction to make sure the rules haven’t been altered.

Big cats

There are about 4 thousand tigers left in the wild, but specialists state there are more than that in captivity in the United Sties alone, even though many states have strict restrictions on keeping these animals in captivity. The map below created by Tech Insider shows U.S. states where people can legally own big cats.


Black Americans are an ethnic group of Americans with heritage from any Black racial group of the African continent. Black Americans are usually descendants of slaves brought to America from Africa European slave traders.

Black Americans compose the 2nd-largest racial group in the United States, after White Americans and Hispanic…

Stopping violence against children is a subject of urgency. Governments are eventually responsible for the safekeeping of children. It is hence up to Governments to work now, to fulfill their human rights responsibilities and other duties, to guarantee the security of children from all types
of violence.

The world’s largest independent child rights organization, “Save the Children,” created the children’s world map that shows the countries that have banned violence against children.

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Palestine is an area of the eastern Mediterranean, including parts of present-day Israel and the Palestinian territories of the Gaza Strip (along with the seashore of the Mediterranean Sea) and the West Bank (west of the Jordan River).

The word Palestine descends from the Greek word, “Philistia,” which relates to the Philistines who conquer this part of the Middle East in the twelfth century BCE.

Nowadays, despite its small size Palestine like in ancient times, continues to play a notable role in politics because it is an essential geographic intersection between Aisa and Africa. Moreover, Palestine is also perceived as the Holy Land sacred for Christians, Muslims, and Jews. Today, the Arab people of Palestine have a solid wish to create a sovereign state.

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You might believe there are just two kinds of dogs on Instagram: good girls and good boys. But dig a little deeper, and there are more exciting trends to chew on.

Each dog has an individual character. But some breeds share distinctive traits.

Science has revealed how DNA may form around 15 percent of a dog breed’s character: the Labrador is most expected to get worried when you cease working from home; the Border Collie and the poodle are among the diverse breeds assort as “eager learners.”

But how about naughtiness? Protect My Paws questioned if any of these breeds of good boys are — you know — better than the others.

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