he fitness sector is getting back in shape — but it’s a different kind of shape.

Gym workouts have been off the cards since the pandemic hit, but that’s due to change as vaccination roll-out hits its stride. In the United Kingdom, membership of The Gym Group rose by 33…

China is the world’s most populous nation and the world’s third or fourth-largest country in the world. The People’s Republic of China has the world’s largest army and the 2nd-largest military budget. Today the nation has been described as a potential superpower.

In 2010 China’s economy became the 2nd-largest nation…

The American Lung Association State of the Air 2021 report found that despite nationwide efforts in controlling air pollution, more than 40% of Americans — over 135 million people — are still living in areas with unhealthy particulate pollution and ozone levels.

In fact, 9 out of 10 urban dwellers…

The gray squirrel is native to the United States and was introduced to parks in Britain and Ireland. They caused the local extinction.

The maps below show the ranges of Red Squirrel and Grey Squirell in 1945 and 2010 in Great Britain and Ireland.

In geography, the antipode of any point on Earth is the locality on the planets’ surface, diametrically reversed. Here is the antipodal map of the planet in Lambert’s azimuthal equal-area projection.

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A meteorite is a solid piece of debris from an asteroid or comet that originates in outer space and remains on its journey through its atmosphere and collision with the planet’s surface.

The map below illustrates 4,516 found meteorites that have fallen to the surface of our planet since 301 AD.

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Uno? Deux? 셋? How many languages did you learn during a lockdown?

Learning a new language is a challenge that many people have taken on over the past year.

Teaching yourself to speak a foreign language while airports were closed may seem loco. But learning a new language gives a taste of another culture, keeps your brain active and healthy, and helps you think and see in new ways.

But what languages are individuals in different countries most interested in learning?

This new study from WordTips digs into Google search data to uncover which language each country is most interested in learning.

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About 71% of our planet is covered in water, so our planet is sometimes called a water world.

Unfortunately, only one planet in our solar system can boast so much liquid water. Nevertheless, let’s fantasize and imagine that Earth is not the only planet covered with water.


Mean radius: 2,440 km (1516 miles) / 0.3829 Earths
Length of the equator: 15,329 km (9,525 miles)

Surface area: 7.48×107 km2 (2.89×107 mi2) / 0.147 Earths
Mass: 3.3011×1023 kg / 0.055 Earths

This topographical map created by PythonMaps using Python libraries: raster, NumPy, and matplotlib show the first planet from the sun, with the ocean covering ~71% of the surface, like Earth. Data comes from NASA observations.

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There are more than 180,000 populated places in the United States, and most of them have a unique name.

First of all, the names of settlements in the U.S. are very different in length. Reddit user Dremarious created maps of the shortest city name in every U.S. state.

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Coffee is loved worldwide, not only for its taste and versatility but also because it helps us wake up and feel more productive.

But every nation has its own unique relationship with the caffeinated drink, meaning consumption and cost vary a lot from country to country.

To find out just how much these costs vary, personal finance experts at SavingSpot conducted comprehensive research to reveal the cheapest and most expensive cities for buying a coffee.

SavingSpot used TripAdvisor to gather the price of an americano (or espresso), a latte, and a cappuccino from five cafés based in the capital city of each country.

Cities without five cafés that had menus were omitted. Researchers then averaged the price of coffee. All costs were sourced from local menus before being converted into US dollars.

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